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If the Mini-Maglite doesn't put out enough lumens for you...or you just like the idea of swinging a bigger bat. You're covered with the DKG C-Mount Maglite holder. Available in the same sizes and colors as the Mini-Mount.

Mag-lite Mounts

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The Mini-Mount Maglite holder for bicycle handlebars was DKG's first product offering into the bicycle world. The fabled Wednesday night ride on the trails of Mt. Tam is where this product was born. When first introduced, this cute little bracket coupled with the bombproof Mini-Maglite was considered the way to go for first class bicycle lighting. Yes, things have come a long way in the bicycle lighting market since then, with lots of high tech systems and battery types to choose from. The price of most of these systems makes for a serious investment.

Not everybody needs all the paint-blistering performance these modern lighting systems offer and could do just fine with a simple, reliable, light weight and less expensive alternative. Most bike shops do offer alternatives to the costly high tech lighting systems. For the most part these are cheaply made plastic lights that do not offer the reliability and indestructible performance of the famous Maglite we all know and love, coupled with the solid attachment offered by the DKG Mini-Mount.

Mag-lite Mounts

Available in sizes for road and off-road handlebars in both silver and black.

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Road Clamp
Non-Quick Release
Seat Post Clamps

This became our newest seat clamp offering in 1998 when we did the facelift on our original "one design for all" non quick-release seat clamp. It has the same basic look as our Mountain Clamp, but is scaled down to use a 5mm bolt to shave off a few grams. This too is offered in several sizes and is available in both silver and black.

Road Clamp Sizes

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Mountain Clamp
Non-Quick-Release Seat Post Clamps

We started making these in 1986 and they were popular right out of the gate. They were given a complete facelift and weight reduction in 1998 and are still one of the most popular seat post clamps available today. This clamp uses a 6mm bolt which supplies the strength needed to keep your saddle where it belongs when riding in the rough stuff. This style of clamp is offered in many sizes and is available in both silver and black.

Flip-Lock Sizes

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Flip-Lock Clamp


Perhaps the most copied seat clamp ever designed and yes, it is somewhat similar to another famous brand. The similarity is due to the fact that our seat clamp, the original, was designed and developed cooperatively with Ross Shafer (founder and former owner of Salsa Cycles).

The Flip Lock seat clamp utilizes an ergonomically inspired lever shape that cleanly integrates with the clamp body, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing component. Who says elegance is gone in modern design?

Flip-Lock Sizes

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With such a long history of involvement in bicycle development it is only natural that DKG offers a few bicycle products of its own. All of DKG's bicycle products come with a 100% replacement guarantee. Why such a limited offering? If we were to offer all the types of bicycle products we have extensive experience in, we'd have to throw all our focus into the bicycle industry. This would put us in competition with many of our customers, and would take time away from our ability to service the other industries we enjoy being a part of. Hey, there's only so many of us here and so many hours in each day!

Seat Post Clamps- DKG seat post clamps have been keeping seat heights where they belong for 20 years. Without a doubt these are the most commonly used high end seat post clamps available today. DKG probably offers a more comprehensive assortment of sizes of seat clamps than any other manufacturer in the world. The list of bicycle builders and manufacturers who have used and continue to use these clamp reads like a "who's who" of the high-end bicycle world.

These are available in quick release (Flip Lock), and non-quick release versions for both road and off road applications (Road) and (Mountain).

We also offer our Mini-Mount and C-Mount Maglite flashlight handlebar mounts.

Flip-Lock Seat Clamp Image
Mini-Mag-Lite Mount
Road Clamp Seat Post Clamp Image
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Mag-Lite Mounts
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